Brigham - Voyageur (1 Dot)

Brigham - Voyageur (1 Dot)

Brigham pipes are handcrafted from one of the world’s hardest woods - Briar. This material is carefully selected from around the globe, according to the hardness and beauty of the individual blocks.

Each pipe in this series was graded from 1 to 3 in an ascending scale of quality appraised on the basis of its beauty, the quality of grain, and the skill and craftsmanship dedicated to its creation.. This grade is indicated on each pipe's stem by our signature brass pins.

205 Main Street.

Unionville, ON. L3R 2G8


Hours of Business:


Monday - Saturday 11am -6pm

Sunday 12 - 5pm


T: (905) 513 - 1810


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