Pipes At Cigar Bodega

Cigar Bodega carries a wide selection of pipes from Peterson, Lorenzetti, Nording and Chacom. There is also an extensive selection from Brigham Enterprises, (Canadian company that has been producing pipes for over a Century) including their Pipe of the Year, which is limited to a production of 100 pieces each year.


Similar to cigar accessories, we carry everything that is needed by the pipe smoker including, pouches, lighters, cleaners and filters. Naturally, we carry a selection of pipe tobaccos from aromatic to English blends including ones from Brigham’s, Peterson, MacBaren and Solani in addition to the Bodega Blends.

205 Main Street.

Unionville, ON. L3R 2G8


Hours of Business:


Monday - Saturday 11am -6pm

Sunday 12 - 5pm


T: (905) 513 - 1810


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