Humidor Maintenance 



How Do I Maintain My Humidor?


Over the last twenty years, one of the most frequently asked questions is how do I start up/condition a new humidor and maintain the correct humidity year round? Below is a suggested guide on how to do this.


** Setting Up Your Humidor **


When most people get their new humidor they are anxious to fill it up with their collection of cigars. If you do this without first re-humidifying the wood in your humidor, you will ruin your cigars.Why? The wood is kiln dried Spanish Cedar and has not had a chance to reach it's equilibrium of 70F/72° humidity. It will literally suck the moisture out of your cigars. This is not good. To solve this problem, all humidors should be re-humidified before their first use. To break in your humidor, follow these easy steps:



1. Using a small clean sponge, dampen (do not soak) the interior of the humidor with distilled water.


2. After you have dampened the complete interior, place the damp sponge on a small plastic bag on the bottom of the humidor.


3. Charge your humidifier and place inside the humidor.


4. Place your calibrated hygrometer inside the humidor. (Wrap hygrometer in a damp cloth for about one hour. If it reads other than 100%, carefully and gently adjust the set screw located on the back of hygrometer to read 100%)


5. Close the lid and let sit over night.


6. Check the humidity using the hygrometer. When it reaches the 68-72° range, the wood has been properly stabilized.


All of Cigar Bodega humidors are supplied with a hygrometer (except travel humidors). Most cigar smokers believe that if their humidor does not keep 70° humidity, they are broken. This is not true. There is a safe range for your cigars, anywhere from 66-79%. As long as your humidity falls within this zone your cigars are safe. Some people like their cigars very moist, while others prefer them slightly drier. You will soon learn your pleasure zone and keep your cigars at that humidity.


** The Humidifier **


The humidifier is what maintains the humidity in your humidor. To charge your humidifier follow these instructions.


1. Remove the humidifier(s) from the humidor.


2. Use HUMIDIFICATION SOLUTION (such as Brigham Humidor Solution) or distilled water and squirt it into the humidifier through the grate.


3. Do not overfill the humidifier. You want it wet not soaking.


4. Take a cloth and wipe any excess liquid from the front of the humidifier.


5. Re-attach back onto the humidor.

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