Dominican Republic

Following the Cuban revolution cigar manufacturing firms began to look elsewhere for land that could produce fine tobacco and found it in the Dominican Republic.


Since beginning to produce cigars for export in the 1970’s it has become the world’s largest producer of handmade premium cigars for the US market. Tobacco is grown throughout the Cibao Valley and is home to some very well known and respected brands such as Davidoff, La Aurora, Macanudo and Arturo Fuente.


Maltilde cigars mark the return of Jose Seijas, the industry legend who created some of the world’s most popular Dominicans brands. This superb line of premium small batch cigars uses the finest aged tobaccos covered in either a silky, deep brown Ecuadoran Habano, or a dark Maduro wrapper.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Renacer Grande (6x58)


Renacer Robusto (5x50)


Serena Grande (6x58) 


Serena Robusto (5x50)


Oscuro Robusto (5x50)


Quadrata Robusto (5x50)



Cusano 18 is made with 18-year aged Dominican Olor filler tobaccos. The end result is a cigar bursting with rich n’ creamy goodness, followed by a complex, full-flavoured finish.


Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Connecticut Toro Natural (6.5x46)


Conneticut Robusto Natural (5x50)


Robusto Maduro (5x50)


Cusano 18 Maduro Robusto (5x50)



Every single Macanudo shares the same journey as the very first Macanudo cigar, which was handcrafted in 1968. Macanudo makes incredibly mild but full flavoured cigars that are catered for the novice & aficionados alike. 

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Inspirado White Robusto (5x50)


Inspirado White Churchill (7x48)


Inspirado Black Churchill (7x48) 


 Hyde Park (5.5x52)


 Maduro Hyde Park (5.5x52)

Cafe Ascot (4x32)


Maduro Ascot (4x32)




All of the lines shown above are quality cigars but since we usually only have single sizes, we have grouped them together under miscellaneous. 


Available Sizes: (Left to Right)



Gurkha 21 Year Cellar Reserve (5x58)                        Leon Imperiales Churchill (7x48) 


Gurkha Royal Challenge Robusto (5x50)                  Leon Imperiales Robusto (5x50) 


Crowned Head - La Careme Robusto (5x50)         Indian Motorcycle Habano (5x50) 


Crowned Head - Jerricho Hill Robusto (5x50)      Indian Motorcycle Maduro



La Aurora 1903 Corojo Toro (6x52)                             Leon  No.4 (5x42) 


La Aurora 1903 Cameroon Toro (6x52)                      Epic Maduro Robusto (5x50) 

Epic La Rubia Short Robusto (4x60) 


Each and every one of Davidoff's cigars has its own unique flavour. Some are light, and delicate while others flood your mouth with rich, dark, and creamy aftertastes, Yet they all share something familiar. Something that instinctively tells you: this is a Davidoff.


Available Sizes: (Left to Right)



                        Winston Churchill Toro (5.5x54)                  

       Winston Churchill Robusto (5.5x50)  

              Gran Cru No.3 (4.75x43)            

2000 (5x43)

                        Nicaragua Robusto (5x50)                    

                                      2000 Tubo (5x43)                                                Gran Cru No.2 (5x43)  

                      Gran Cru No.5 (4x43)                            

                             Primeros Maduro (4x34)                                  Primeros Natural (4x34)

Demitasse (3x20)


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