Cigar Bodega has been an appointed dealer of Habanos SA since the programme was first launched in 1998. Just recently this designation was changed to Habanos Specialist. This means that we have been approved by the exclusive Cuban distributor in Canada, ensuring authenticity of all product, optimum storage conditions and maintaining inventory of over 50 vitolas including the seven global brands (Montecristo, Cohiba, Hoyo de Monterrey, Partagas, Romeo y Julieta, H Upmann and Bolivar).


The Cuban cigar is unique and world famous for its quality and flavour. Their distinction from other cigars comes from four factors found only in Cuba: 

- The soil

- The climate

- They are made entirely from Cuban tobacco, which is considered the best in the world and finally;

- The knowledge of the tobacco growers and cigar makers

Romeo Y 


The Romeo Y Julieta Line is medium bodied, created for

smokers who appreciate a full flavoured cigar. Strong, but at the same time smooth, this line has been aged for least three years.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Churchill (7x47)


Wide Churchill (5x55)


Short Churchill (5x50) 


No. 2 (5 x 42) 


Coronitas En Cedro (5x40) 


Mille Fleurs: (5x42)


The Montecristo Line is medium-full bodied, created for 

smokers who appreciate a full bodied and naturally sweet cigar. One of the most popular Cuban cigars ever made. 


Available Sizes: (Left to Right) 


No.2 (6x52)


No.4 (5x42)


No.5 (4x40)




The Partagas Line is also extremely full-bodied,& created for 

smokers who appreciate a strong and spicy cigar. A Partagas is immediately recognizable by its deep, earthy flavour. The character of its blend springs from a selection of filler and binder tobaccos grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone and chosen for their unmistakable richness of flavour and aroma.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right) 


Serie E No.2 (5.5x54)


Serie P No.2 (6x52)


Serie D No.4 (5x50) 


Millefleur (4.4x52)








Bolivar is among the strongest & most full bodied of all Habanos. It boasts an unrivalled richness of flavour in its blend of Vuelta Abajo zone filler and binder tobaccos that makes it one of the most sought-after marques amongst experienced smokers.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Belicosos Finos (5.5x52)


Royal Coronas (5x50)


Coronas Junior (4.5x42) 


Hoyo De 



The flavour of Hoyo de Monterrey’s blend makes it an attractive choice for those who seek a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is lighter to the taste but with great elegance and complexity.


Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Epicure No.2 (5x50)


Palmas Extra (5.5x40) 


Hoyo Anejados (5x52)


H. Upmann’s blend is composed exclusively of filler and binder tobaccos grown in the Vuelta Abajo zone. Characterized by its light to medium flavour

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Magnum 54 (5x54)


Majestic (5.5x40)


Half Corona (3.5x44)


CoronasMajor (5.25x42) 




Clubs & Minis

Cuban Puritos are machine-made, short filler cigarillos which are great for a short smoke. 

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Montecristo (4x28)


Romeo Y Julieta (4x28)


Partagas (4x28)




All of the lines shown above are quality cigars but since we usually only have single sizes, we have grouped them together under miscellaneous. 

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Trinidad Vigia (4.5x52)


H Upmann Magnum 54 (5x54)


Hoyo Epicure No.2 (5x50)


Ramon Allones Specially Selected (5x50


Diplomaticos No.2 (6x52)


San Cristobal El Príncipe (4x42)


Fonseca KDT Cadetes (4.5x36) 

An assortment of cigarillo sized Cubans. All have the same distinct taste and flavour you would expect from their larger siblings. 

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Cohiba Club (4x22)

Minis (3x19)


Cohiba White Club (4x22)

Minis (3x19)


Romeo Y Julieta Club (4x22) 

Minis (3x19)


Montecristo Club (4x22)

Mini (3x19)



The Cohiba Line is extremely full-bodied, & created for 

smokers who appreciate a strong and naturally aromatic cigar. Fidel Castros preferred brand, was created in 1966 as Havanas premier brand for diplomatic purposes.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right) 



Siglo I (4x40)


Siglo II (5x42)

 Robusto (5x50)




Vegueros cigars are easily recognizable as they have a distinctive green and white cigar band. The distinctive taste of a Vegueros tobacco is mellow and herbaceous. All hand rolled.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right)


Entretiempos (5.5x52)


Tapados (4.8x47)


Mananitas (4x46) 


Special Edition

All of the lines shown above are Limited Edition Cuban Cigars.

Available Sizes: (Left to Right) 



Diplomaticos Nortena (Exclusiv0 Canada) (5x50)


Hoyo de Monterrey Anejados (5x50)

Montecristo 1935 Dumas (5x50)

Montecristo 1935 Leyanda (6.5x56)

Cohiba Talisman LTD 2017 (6x52)



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